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My name is Lizzy and to say it plainly... I love donuts.

Throughout my travels I have noticed differences in every culture, but one similarity is that you can always find a donut... always.

Donuts may seem like an average pastry that you have with a cup of coffee, but they are much so much more than that.

Whether it trying tasty trendy flavors, learning about the stories of shop owners, or seeing cultural influences within pastries, donuts can tell a story and I am here to tell you about what I find.


  • I am based in CT.
  • My favorite flavor is maple bacon!
  • I have tried donuts in 8 countries.
  • I have been to over 62 donut shops (& counting as of July 2019)
  • Since the world changed due to the pandemic, I picked up my mixer and am learning to make donuts in my own kitchen! (With a little help)