Neil’s Donuts- Wallingford, CT

If you’re looking for amazing donuts, this places hits the neil on the head!

On the side of the road in residential Wallingford is a small donut shop that draws people in from around the state. Since 2001, Neil’s Donuts has been creating delicious pastries for the neighborhood and any donut lover.

I  had the wonderful opportunity of having Neil’s Donuts in the past, but had never been to the shop personally. All the times I have had the donuts they were INCREDIBLE, but I wanted to check out where these delectable donuts were made.

This week I had the chance to swing by the shop towards closing time. At 2 p.m. they were almost completely sold out of their donuts, but I was lucky enough to grab one of their traditional chocolate glazed.

It was P H E N O M E N A L.

You can tell a donut shop is legit when you can go at the end of the day and their pastries are still fresh. The donut was delicious and was the perfect mid-day snack.

While I sat with my friend (who got an amazing Apple Cider donut) eating our snacks, people were constantly coming in to get the last donuts of the day. Even an hour before closing, their customers were steadily coming in for their sugary treat.

The wonderful service from the staff and welcoming atmosphere made this a hidden gem and a TOP donut spot in CT!

Although I only had a quick stop at Neil’s Donuts, I plan on visiting again in the near future!

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Thank you to Jess for being my donut model!