Doughnuttery- NYC


This weekend I traveled to New York City and OF COURSE I had to hunt down a few donut shops that were in the area! This little business (literally) focused on making fresh mini donuts for anyone with a sweet tooth and that is adventurous with flavors.

Doughnuttery opened its doors (or should I say counters) in Chelsea Market in 2012 and the sensation of tiny donuts has grown ever since. This shop creates fresh donuts with over 20 different flavors on the daily! The fun twist is that the pastries are flavored using different sugars instead of the traditional glazes and frosting.

These tiny two inch donuts look like an average traditional donut, but when you bite into it you are hit with a mouthful of bright flavors.

Can I say I technically dined at the Plaza Hotel if I had these delicious donuts in the Food Court? This stand was located in the back but was packed with other excited customers. When I went with my trusted team of other donut tasters, we decided to get four different flavors:

  • Purple Pig (Maple, Purple Potatoes, and Bacon)
  • PB & J (Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly)
  • PBCP (Peanut Butter, Cayenne, and Pretzel)
  • Apple Cider (Apple, Orange Zest, Fall Spices)

WOW these were incredible! I was confused about how these unique flavors could be combined on one donut, but Doughnuttery figured it out. With every bite one of us said, “OH WOW you can really taste the *insert specific ingredient*” and the flavors all perfectly blended together.

When doing my first research about Doughnuttery, I knew the doughnuts were fresh…but I did not know they meant we make these donuts right in front of your face and then roll them in the sugar as you see them come out the frier”. I was HIGHLY impressed because I knew we would be visiting the shop later in the afternoon and normally the freshness of a donut decreases by then. Doughnuttery found a way to kept these little gems fresh and flavorful all through the day.

I honestly could have kept eating these donuts like popcorn! A definite stop if you’re ever in New York City!

Thank you to the team at Doughnuttery at the Plaza Hotel location for your support!

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